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Kayzo & Gammer Drop “Over the Edge” with AU8UST and My Ears Are Confused

Out of H-Town, Kayzo has burst onto the scene over the past few years with his hard hitting Bass remixes and original track. Since releasing smash single “Malfunktion 2.0” through Buygore Records in 2013, Hayden Cappuozzo has built one of the larger Bass followings in the Industry. His resume even includes a collaboration with Marshm…. I mean Dotcom… Kayzo sets, tracks and remixes most often resemble the bi-polar kid everyone is afraid of. Don't make that face, its a compliment. In this instance, and when it comes to his style of music, that is probably the best compliment you could give someone. Never knowing what the next synth is going to lead to, not having any idea on earth where the build is going, those are the things that make DJ's successful in this industry, the element of surprise. Unless you're into strictly mainstream, progressive. If that's you then completely ignore that comparison. Just know it was a damn awesome comparison.

Kayzo and Gammer teamed up for an unexpected track here. Having worked together on “Frequency” in the past, I was thrown for one of the biggest loops of the year when I first listened to “Over the Edge”. With a tuned up, boy band-ish, autotuned vocal from AU8UST, production like this is pretty sweet. When the song started it was pretty melo. Pushing along through the vocals the backdrop builds and Kayzo and Gammer seem to be taking us to where they normally do, LooneyVille. But then, a anime type drops hits. I'll say this, the build has me thinking something ridiculous is coming. Like some sort of Squidward flalling his arms around in a ice storm drop. That doesn't come, and once again, these dudes have us completely fooled. Its a pretty damn cool song for that reason. If you know these guys, you know that this drop is the LAST thing you would expect from them especially after hearing the hard build.

Kayzo has come a long way since Insomniac's “Discovery Project” and teaming up with Gammer and AU8UST for “Over The Edge” may bring him an even wider, diverse following. Peep it here.


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