Crystal Skies have been pumping out new music at a feverous pace over the last few weeks. The duo has just dropped the four track EP Dichotomy on the Trap Nations label Lowly Palace. With the Koven collab You Me & Gravity released last week, the Dark Ages EP last month, and more work slated to release soon, it is safe to say Crystal Skies is one of the hardest working artists out there today.

Dichotomy is a well-rounded EP that pulls inspiration from several sources but remains pure melodic dubstep at its core. Chimera, the opening and only instrumental song on the ep, is an atmospheric track whos gritty drops and dark bass remind me of a Notaker style of song. The title track of the EP, Dichotomy ft. AERYN, is a beautiful track that starts off light and slightly future house but as the drop crashes down the dubstep feel takes over, especially in the 2nd drop. Long ago, the third track on the EP starts off with delicate vocals from Q’AILA, however the songs bouncy yet sawing bass keep the melodic dubstep vibe going. Something New closes out the EP, with delightful vocals provided by a second apperance from AERYN . This track has an Illenium feel to it due to the delightful melody paired with explosive drops. As a whole, the EP is just another reason why I hold Crystal Skies in such high regard.

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