Update: easyJet says that that the pilot flew when feeling the after effects of ecstasy. He flew that day after and never flew while on any drug. 

This is one of the more unusual stories we have come across in quite some time. A pilot for the British airline, easyJet has been suspended for 12 months after a taped conversation of him admitting to piloting a jet while on ecstasy was heard by company executives.

The telegraph reported that the pilot could be heard on the tape saying: “I had the sweats, I wasn’t feeling well. I was just doing any old thing as we came in for landing.” In court the pilot has claimed to be struggling with drug addiction and it was revealed that he only took “a third of one pill”.

easyJet released the following statement, “The safety of passengers and the crew of EasyJet is our number one priority and we have a zero tolerance approach to drugs and alcohol.” Hence why they have fired the pilot who will not be allowed to fly for the next 12 months.

If you wanna get high, just keep it on the ground folks.

H/T: Mixmag

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