Steve Angello is one of the most famous electronic music producers of all time. Much of his fame comes from his involvement with the super group, Swedish House Mafia. Since Swedish House Mafia broke up a few years ago, Steve has gone on a campaign to distance himself from the euphoric, big room sound of the group. He has succeeded with varying success. His latest EP, ‘Genesis', continues his trend of reinventing himself and the two track EP makes quite a statement.

Having played out both tracks of the EP this past year at his noteworthy Coachella performance his fan base is already relatively familiar with the tunes that make up ‘Genesis'. ‘Breaking Kind' is the lead track and will sound more familiar to Steve's loyal fan base. It is a cleanly produced track with a intrinsic emotional appeal. The prowling bass seems like it would feel more at home in an M83 production but Mr. Angello has made it work.

The closing track, ‘Rejoice' is Steve Angello's attempt at a power piece. The result might have missed the mark a bit. A powerful vocal sermon intro plays out for nearly 4 minutes before the track really develops. It feels like a weird addition to a two track EP. It would be right at home as the lead off track but just feels out of place. Overall ‘Genesis' is a strong and solid EP, but the choice of tracks to be included was a bit of a mystery.