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Skrillex Breaks Radio Silence With Release Of New Single And Statement

After complete radio silence for the past couple of weeks, Skrillex emerged before the public eye with the release of his newest single. You would think that the public would be excited for a new release from one of the current electronic pioneers but this track was met with a flurry of emotions and responses.

Skrillex just put out his newest song this week, “Would You Ever“, which features frequent Justin Bieber collaborator, Poo Bear. This track is reminiscent of older material such as
“With You, Friends” (my personal favorite) or “Leaving”. This song is full of pure vibes and stellar production but everyone just wanted the dubstep Skrillex back. Not a major News flash but if you have been following Skrillex recently you must know he has not been pure dubstep for quite some time. Over the past year, Sonny has collaborated with everyone from Big Grams, Elliphant, and A$AP Ferg, to even some less traditional artists such as Mr. Oizo, even producing for a number of other artists, including Justin Bieber. If this is not evident that Skrillex is not just pure dubstep you must have stopped paying attention to him in 2012 when Electro House rained supreme and Avicii was still touring.

Although most are joyous for a new release from the OWSLA head himself some fans are angry that he even released “Would You Ever”. As fans, we have to learn to be okay with artists putting out different kinds of music. We do not have to forgive music that is inherently “bad” but we should not hate on artists for trying something new. The song is new and refreshing and is an interesting collaboration that is perfect for the summer.

In the end, the song is still out there for you to listen to, you do not have to like everything your favorite artist puts out, and we will let Skrillex have the final words…

Make sure to let us know what you think of the track and keep up to date with all of the latest in electronic music with us over at EDM Sauce!


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