I will be entirely upfront with this track. I was prepared to hate it. While I have massive respect for David Guetta for his impact on dance music as a whole both his and DV&LM's recent productions have been lacking in originality and quality. While the the latest collaborative release from the three is not something groundbreaking it is honestly pretty good.

The star of ‘Complicated' is Kiiara who makes even the sometimes tacky lyrics shine with gorgeous vocals. The vocals are so electrifying that this hook will get stuck deep in your head. You may even loathe yourself for singing the lyrics about casual sex over and over again as the day go on, but they just work. The drop to the track is minimalist which is a welcome change from the expected big room.

All in all while ‘Complicated' will still bring out the haters as it is the cool thing to do these days with artists who are commonly found in the top 10 of the DJ Mag Top 100, but Guetta and DV&LM created a bit of a gem with ‘Complicated'. You don't need to look past the surface and make things more complicated, this track is catchy and fun. Yes that was a pun. Take a listen below.