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Preview: After July 28, Output in Brooklyn Will Never be the Same @Flosstradamus

It was a warm day, sun blistering down at my black Nissan Rogue like it was on South Las Vegas Boulevard. Only my car was parked in my apartment complex in Connecticut. I got into my car at 7:00am on a Tuesday morning in July, pit sweat already coming to a head. Taking the normal route to work with a pit stop at Starbucks, I arrived to the office around 7:45am. Blah blah blah, blah blah blah, blah blah blah. Everything was going as normal, Evan was talking to himself in the elevator, John was making a decaf coffee in the break room (never trust someone drinking decaf in the morning), and Janet was already on the phone. I sat at my desk and thought of a way to procrastinate prior to our morning meeting. Flipping through ESPN, Barstool and EDM Sauce News, I decided to see what was going on in New York over the next few weekends…

While scrolling through upcoming events in the City, nothing was necessarily “catching my eye” which is why I missed it at first. I scrolled back, tapped myself in the Jewels (to make sure I wasn’t dreaming) and BAM, it was still there. Flosstradamus is coming to Output in Brooklyn on Friday, July 28th. Output is my favorite club in the US and A and righfully so. Its intimate and the focus is solely ON THE MUSIC. Seriously, no cell phones out taking pictures. Its an actual rule. The best rule. (link to tickets right here!)

Now, I know this is an International site, so for those of you that don’t know, Output is probably the dopest club East of the Mississippi, by far the illest in NYC. That said, they focus most of their nights on Underground, up and coming music, but once in a while you’ll catch a superstar like this. Seth Troxler and the Legend Steve Aoki have labeled Output as one of their favorite clubs to play at. Being one of the more intimate clubs I have ever been to, it is going to be scary to see what Curt does to this place. When you take a trap Don like him and throw him into a venue like this, you have to understand that if you are in the Tri-State area this is a show that you absolutely, under NO circumstance can miss.

“But, Marc, it’s my kitty cats birthday!” well rave bud, to that I say, “when you’re 55 and bragging to your kids about your life as a millennial, are you going to want to tell them about the cute little Mouse Toy you bought little Garfield, or about the night you snapped every ligament in your body ragging with Flosstradamus at the radest club on the Eastern Sea-board?”

This is the start of a new series from Floss called “In Hi-Def”. I have no idea what that means, but like having a music festival in a massive bubble under water, I like the sound of it! This show is not going to be something to miss. Lets fill this damn show to the brim and show the hipsters what a Trap show is all about! Follow Curt on socials for more updates regarding new music and shows local to you (if you cant make it to Output, sorry mate, its gonna be a movie).

If you haven't heard the most recent single from the Don, peep “How You Gon' Do That” feat. Cara Salimando below. While you do that, grab your best friend, cousin, damn it grab your mom & dad! Lets show Output what #HDYNATION is all about! Find me there, ill be the one telling everyone I told them so. Want to show some extra love? Hit the Merch table and grab a tactical vest for when homie drops “Mosh Pit””.

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Tickets are FLYING for this, so make sure you get yours before they tier up, or worse SELL OUT! Latest single and Link to tickets below:

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