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Avicii Takes Part In Ayahuasca Ceremony And Continues To Tease New Music

Avicii has been documenting his incredible trip through the rain forests of Central and South American on his Instagram the past month of so. Most notably of the posts was the short video overlooking Machu Picchu with a song clip of new music. The announcement of new music and subsequent tentative release time frames for two EPs sent the world into a frenzy. While we await the two EPs slated to drop in September and October, we have noticed some more interesting things on Avicii‘s Instagram.

#PreCeremony Probably Means One Thing

In the post below Avicii shows a boiling pot and captions ‘mothers medicine'. Which put into context of the Amazonian rain forest means just one thing – Ayahuasca. Ayahuasca is an incredibly powerful hallucinogenic plant. It's active ingredient is N.N-DMT which is the world's most powerful hallucinogenic substance, and is actually partly responsible for causing humans to dream (we do make small quantities naturally).

Ayahuasca is used in several native ceremonies in South America. The powerful experiences under the influence of the chemical while being lead by a shaman can create long lasting (if not permanent), powerful changes to one's personality and belief system. The ceremony can help induce fantastically creative states which last for months. It is also on the leading edge of addiction research. Some studies have shown that one dose can help an addict recover permanently from a substance misuse disorder. Avicii seems to have taken part in one of the spiritual ceremonies.

More Teasers?

Avicii has also posted a short little clip of him messing around on a keyboard. While we cannot be sure if this is actually a new album teaser or just Avicii having fun – we are liking what we are hearing. We are happy Avicii is having the trip of a life time and finding himself and creativity down in the gorgeous rain forests of the equatorial region.


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