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Big Room

Julian Jordan’s Latest Hit “Chinook” Has Us Ready To Party

There are few things in life that fire me up more than tracks like this. Mainstream EDM has built this bubble around itself that simply doesn't allow the types of tracks that got us to this point, in. The tracks that DJs/producers brought to the for-front years-ago like Hardwell's Big Room anthems “Apollo” and “Spaceman”. Those are the tracks that brought me to the place I am in as a devout fan of this industry, and ultimately are the reasons I have dedicated to write for the best web-site in the game right meow. So, rightfully so, when a track comes out that has even the faintest sniff of that bang-a-rang my undies get a light dousting.

Some way, some how, it seems Julian Jordan is flying under the radar in the States. With an impressive track record with the likes of Martin Garrix, and maintaining an impressive residency with Hakkassan group in Vegas, he wont be “under the radar for long”. Maybe its because he has yet to drop that “pop-drop” anthem that has taken over the sound waves (“A Thousand Miles” should be getting so much more love, so much more) but it doesn't seem he cares. “Chinook” is certified pork-belly drowning in A1 sauce. It's what the passionate EDM fan loves about this genre and what gets us doing our best Carlton impression at music festivals (shout out Alfonso Ribeiro, shout out Fresh Prince, shout of Will Smith but most importantly, shout out Hillary Banks;)). This track proves that Big Room is alive and that there is youth in the industry pushing to keep the movement going!

“Chinook” sounds, well, it sounds like it sounds. Shortly into the track, right when you think Julian has delivered the drop, more tempo'd horns enter. He takes us out of the initial drop, welcoming us to a mesmerizing Piano melody that soothes to perfection. After a few moments of solo Piano that has you feeling like you're at a Sinatra show, background clapping ups the tempo while the Piano holds firm on its pace. The build of the two together gives that “Spaceman” feel. Ultimately, the combination brings us to the second drop. The second drop is when he's really got you. Takes you from this beautiful place and drops you into a world of feels. The song is like you're laying on the beach, right, SPF30 (maybe 50 or a hat depending on skin-tone), mojito, grandma made sandwiches, the sun is shining, not a cloud in the sky… It's beautiful. All of the sudden BAM! Thunder and lightning! Chairs, umbrellas flying everywhere, your grandma running for cover, your sandwich is soggy, a Seagull falls out of the sky maybe… But you don't care because it was so damn hot and your cooling off. It FEELS GREAT! That make sense? Listen to the song, I think it makes sense.

Peep Julian Jordan's “Chinook” below and follow him on socials. He is a true master of his craft and you can feel his passion through his posts. SPF and Seagull required.

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