Newly upcoming producer from Orlando, Steezy Jaxxx, has a steady stream of releases causing a lot of raucous in the bass scene. His newest release to hit the internet “Heavy Artillery” is out now on Hybrid Trap. Known for his unique and bass heavy sound design, this track shows of his technical prowess making this track a heater.

Incorporating melodic structures in the beginning, this track gives the listener something different compared to his past releases. The smooth and uplifting chords present a solid ground for the upcoming sub-bass powered drop. The build up has intense energy and is continued throughout the track. The percussion on Steezy Jaxxx’s “Heavy Artillery” punches through as his kicks and snares are powerful as all get out. With emphasis on different drops, this dynamic tune is one to get the crowd absolutely obliterated with bass combining growls and synths that will definitely tear up the floor. I hope you enjoyed this tune as much as I did and look forward to see what Steezy Jaxxx has to come. Check out the track “Heavy Artillery” out now on Hybrid Trap and be sure to grab yourself a free copy.