24 year old, trailblazing producer, PatrickReza is back at it again with an all new release. The track, which captures the energy of a very personal moment for the young producer, is a masterfully crafted 4×4 bass tune that is a shufflers dream. Full of moving bass lines and jam packed full of energy this track is really next level, even for the talented PatrickReza.

Stemming from a moment in the valley with his friends at Coachella, Reza says

“I knew I had to capture or document that energy and feeling in the form of ‘Overdrive', a homage to those that came before me and influenced me to create and continue to evolve as a musician, performer, and artist”

I think he's done just that. The track cultivates a contagious energy that just forces to move to the beat and dance. Check out his new single “Overdrive” below and grab yourself a free download.