I was not expecting a new side project from Mat Zo at this point in the game. He is busy enough with MRSA, Mat Zo and a few others that are suspected among the internet. Yet here we are halfway through 2017 and we have yet another beautiful little side project from not only Mat Zo but also The Knocks. They have teamed up to form, The Mary Nixons. And their first release, ‘Adrian' is kind of awesome.

It is definitely not what you would expect from either Mat or The Knocks. In a way I think that is what makes this release so special. ‘Adrian' is catchy, feel good and honestly – pretty poppy. This is a track that I would not be surprised to hear on the radio in the states. It really demonstrates the range both Mat and The Knocks have. We are excited to see what comes from The Mary Nixons as they continue to find their stride.