Not a day goes by where I do not find myself writing about Rezz recently. Honestly, I couldn't be happier. I noted in my review of Electric Forest that I gained a new appreciation for her as an artist when I finally saw her live. Now hearing the tracks she has produced to be included on her debut album, I continue to be incredibly impressed. Her first single, ‘Relax' was a dark hypnotic journey through experimental bass, now we finally have heard a bit of her second single.

‘Diluted Brains' Continues Dark Trend

The fact that Rezz's debut album, ‘Mass Manipulation' was going to be dark was news to nobody. As an artist Rezz has perfectly encapsulated her trippy, dark, and experimental sound. That being said her latest productions have had an element that is absolutely unexpected to them. Just as ‘Relax' featured a chilling vocal sample throughout, it appears that ‘Diluated Brains' also breaks the mold a bit. The chilling synth which instills a constant state of dread is downright perfect before the creeping drop comes in.

We are very excited to hear the rest of this this Friday. Stay tuned for a full review of the entire song as soon as it hits the major streaming platforms.