Although Alex may have been a 1985 baby, while Drew was barely born before the 90s on December 31, 1989, if The Chainsmokers were 20 years older then this was what “Closer” would have sounded like. In TRONICBOX's latest release, the producer who brings modern hits back in time, takes the DJ duo back to the 80s as “The Marlboro Smokers.”

Featuring a silky smooth synth, killer keys, a groovy guitar and obviously Halsey with a lot more hair, the 80s remix of “Closer” had felt like the “end of an 80's movie about high school and this is like a dramatic zoom out of a prom scene,” commented The Queen of Meme. If only the late filmmaker John Hughes could have lived to see the day… :'(

It's a must listen thanks to TRONICBOX below!