Spinnin' Records today just released, “Let's Go” a MONSTER collab between 3 of the biggest names on Spinnin' Records. Lucas & Steve team up with budding superstars Curbi & Mike Williams to release a mainstage anthem in “Let's Go”.

“Let's Go” is a brilliant blend of all 3 of these producers sounds. From start to finish it's a track that will keep you jumping and reaching for more. This is an excellent description of what a main stage track should sound like. With great build up, body rocking drops, and plenty of places to scream “1,2,3, Jump” this is a track i'd expect to here on the Main Stage for the rest of the summer.

Check it out below!

Connect With Lucas & Steve
✔️ https://soundcloud.com/lucasandsteve
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Connect With Mike Williams
✔️ https://soundcloud.com/mikewilliamsdj
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✔️ https://twitter.com/mikewilliamsdj
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 Connect With Curbi
✔️ https://soundcloud.com/curbiofficial
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