“Life's a lonely road, people come and people go, but you're a precious stone that I'm glad I got to know”

Jaja Bu, aims to mesmerize fans with his debut single, ‘Sweetness'. The gentle, meaningful, lyrics, convey Jaja's tale of navigating his emotions, and treading the line between lust and genuine love.

Although his first release under the alias Jaja Bu, the LA based producer has been experimenting with music since he started as a drummer at age 7. His naturally formed sound is due in part to his rhythmic background, and he draws inspiration from Smashing Pumpkins and Hall and Oates to blend together guitar tones, analog synths, and percussion.

‘Sweetness' introduces the world to Jaja Bu as an artist; an artist who has a clear vision for his art, and places no restrictions on his creativity.

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