AJ Salvatore is here to debut his first release “Sojourn”, out on TrackRecord AI under Universal Music Group. This indie pop hit is an impressive tune that features vocals from the talented Tessa Marie and captures the perfect summer vibe. With a catchy drop, addicting melodies, and an overall lighthearted atmosphere, this single is the perfect way to kick off the warm weather. AJ is credited with writing the entirety of the song down to the vocals and even singing in the drop.

“The vocals and overall jovial feel of the song really help mask the dark lyrics behind the track. I take pleasure in fabricating stories that each song portrays and tying in emotions.”

-AJ Salvatore

Check out the stream below and be sure to grab yourself that FREE DOWNLOAD to jam to this summer. You can follow AJ Salvatore on soundcloud to stay up-to-date with his movement and get more great music.