Again, you should know by now that I thoroughly enjoy a summer track that I can boogie on the beach to. Nothing gets me more fired up than a squeaky production and catchy vocal. Basic. Totally. I aint hiding it. We have been extremely blessed this summer with some insane summer tracks and the former Krewella front man, Rain Man is doing the damn thing without Jahan and Yasmine.

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Since being relatively quiet on the hit production front since the release of “Bring Summer the Summer” in early 2016, Rain Man has what appears to be a hit of a sophomore track. With vocals by MAX, this track hums everything that we look for in a mojito track. If I were standing next to the pool at Ushuaia Ibiza right now, looking up at the stage and “Do You Still Feel?” came on… Well, I would potentially fall flat on my back, look up at the sky and thank sweet baby yeezus for blessing the earth with Rain Main and Electric Dance Music.
Max has the voice of a baby caterpillar. I don’t know why I would refer to his voice as comparable to a baby caterpillar but for whatever reason I really like baby caterpillars. I also share the same admiration for Max’s voice. So, it works. This hit brings crazy feels and low-key a damn awesome track.

Peep Rain Man’s 2017 feel-stein “Do You Still Feel?”. Upon its conclusion, you will be able to answer that question quite easily. Feels everywhere. I am going to write Dim Mak a letter requesting the name change of this song to “Do You Still FeelS?”. 10 point for Gryffindor on this one.