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Flosstradamus Drops Uncharacteristic New Track “How You Gon’ Do That”

How You Gon' Do That? Who knows, who cares, its provocative…. It gets the people going! I don't know, it's Thursday…. Anyways, Flosstradamus switched it up on us bit here. Trap holds a special place in my heart and whenever we get stuff like this from the Flosstradamus lone survivor Curt Cameruci, well the heebie-geebies ensue. This time, the heebie-jeebies were greeted with confusion, good confusion. It seems like everyone now a days is trying to go either trap or pop-drop. It's refreshing to see the guys that have been trapping since the early days of EDM still ripping it harder and harder year after year while at the same time, putting out heaters in other genres. Shout out Lil Uzi Curt!

Its been an interesting few years for Floss and its awesome to see that Curt is continuing to produce solid production post Josh Young and the “Flosstradamus duo”. For those of you that don't know, from 2007-2016, Flosstradamus was pioneered by two members (above mentioned) prior to Curt and Josh deciding to pursue solo careers. Curt held onto the Flosstradamus brand and is coming in hot. Especially with his shwiiiingy EDC-LV set that premiered a butt-load of new jams. “How You Gon' Do That” being one of them.

“How You Gon' Do That” is far different from what we are used to from Floss. Taking more of a mainstream approach, the only Trap going on in this track is the abbreviation of Gonna to Gon'. But, it works. The production provides the opportunity for Floss to reach a wider demographic. This is prooooobably the most radio friendly tracks released by the dude to date. Listen, I love Floss the Trapper (one of my favorites), but, you really can't knock the hustle. Cara Salimando provides sensational vocals that allows for more of a beach friendly track bringing in a far different audience than the Floss we are used to. It's like when Bob Dylan switched to the Electric guitar, it was weird at first (dude even got booed) but it worked! If that made no sense to you, look at it this way, even Hip-Hop icon Drake “goes pop” every once in a while…It brings in and reaches more fans. Skrillex has done it most notably with Justin Bieber, but that doesn't take away from his being the Dub-God… Just shows a ridiculous amount of diversity which is something extremely commendable in the current state of EDM.

The new look Flosstradamus is off to a hot start in 2017. With a summer ahead of new music and the live return of DillStradamus, we should all be letting our hair grow out for some shifty headbanging at your local Floss show. In the meantime, grab a Bud Latte and peep “How You Gon' Do That” by Trap-Jesus “Flosstradamus” below. Again, its different. But, like my grandma always told me when I wouldn't try one of her weird Portuguese dishes, “You never know until you try it”.

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