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EDMSauce Exclusive Interview with iamu

Up and coming Austrian DJ and producer, iamu is on the rise in the electronic dance music scene with his unique and experimental sound with the combination of old school hip hop and chuck filled with deep bass. At just twenty years old, iamu brings hard hitting beats and sick heart thumping energy to the dance floor. This past week, I got the chance to speak with iamu to gain insight on his musical influences and inspiration, learn more about his upcoming music and what he has in store for the future!

iamu has been DJing since the age of 17 and he spoke about what led him to pursue a career as a DJ.

iamu: When a friend of mine showed me dance music back 2013 a new world was opened for me, and I finally found something that grabbed me so much that I wanted to be a part of it, and in small steps help music to evolve. Whether it's a small impact or not, I wanted to be a part of music.

As far as musical inspiration is concerned, iamu credits a wide array of musicians and artists across multiple genres.

iamu: In terms of role model influence, I would say Skrillex and Flume, as they both changed so many things in music, but for musical influence I would say Lido, Odesza and Sumthin Sumthin. My greatest outer EDM influences are bob Marley, Eminem and bring me the horizon, quite a wide spread.

When asked what his DJ name iamu means, he explained iamu represents more than just a name but an emotional connection.

iamu: iamu is something where I feel no judgement, but also a great emotional connection. iamu stands for I am you. Basically my meaning of this name is that iamu stands for music that connects to people, rather than a human being. So I am not in it to be a famous person I am you, as I am just your emotion, if you feel connected to it. An emotional mirror if that makes sense.

iamu is currently working on a few music projects including his latest track, ‘Guava' which he did in collaboration with Skrude. iamu let me in on how the collaboration came about and when we can expect his new track to be released.

I actually met Skrude when I did a show in Budapest, we had a great time he is such a nice guy, and then we kept the conversation going on Facebook. One day we were sending each other wips and ideas, and we decided to work on one! Things moved pretty quickly, and we had the track ready. We are currently talking to labels and try to get it signed, if not I am a big fan of going indie for releases, because your not bound to compromise on a lot of things! I am working on a lot of new stuff, with great artists and some just by myself. I am really excited to get them out!

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Named after a fruit, I just had to ask why iamu decided to name his track ‘Guava' and he gave a very funny and unexpected answer!

I named the track Guava because my favorite beverage is Aloe Vera Guava by Lotte, which my best friend and I just call guava. The second drop of the track, “Guava” just gave me the feeling of what it's like to drink it!

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for iamu's latest track “Guava” – I got a chance to listen to his latest track filled with great trap and bass elements. It is definitely a track you do not want to miss! You can keep up to date on all things iamu by checking out his Facebook page and Soundcloud page!


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