Today, LZ7 is taking us on a journey. The live EDM act is known for constantly toying with their sound, constantly performing shows, and winning the game with the best intentions. “Give My All” is the group's jaunt into a chill drum and bass sound, released earlier this year. The uplifting single is wholesome in nature, which is in line with the band's dedication to create music that is one-hundered percent positive.

“We have been hard at work in the studio writing, and creating the LZ7 sound for 2017.” front-man Lindz West describes. “It’s amazing to hear the final product from starting with the initial idea for a song… We hope you enjoy this as much as we have enjoyed creating it for you!”

With Becky Hill-esque vocals and rap verses like Ed Sheeran, “Give My All” is a delicious hit that anyone can listen to. Take a listen below, and prepare to be transported to the beachy plains and sea-side cliffs of Iceland!