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DENILE Releases ‘This Will Never Be’ And Breathes New Life Into Trap [Interview]

You might not be familiar with DENILE as a producer quite yet. That being said you should get familiar with the name. The new alias of a producer with years of experience is set on returning trap back to it's former glory.

DENILE Is Dance Music's Latest Enigma

I will level with you. I actually have no idea what other moniker's DENILE has produced under. All I know is that he is no newcomer. In fact he is a seasoned pro. A lot of artists choose to take a new name to fit their new production style. This is what piqued my curiosity initially. I wanted to see if there was a firm reason for changing aliases and if DENILE starts fresh after a name change or brings his styles with him.

“That's a good question. I feel I will always have my past experiences and past songs to draw from in my head. But its more of a confidence boost rather than something that sways my direction. Every time I start a new track, I go in with a fresh mind and the idea that I am going to create something different. But when I come up with the main idea in my head, I am more often than not using my past experience of songs I've made to get to the end result. Then again, there are plenty of times I'll look back and remember, “I did this on that one track”, and deliberately do the exact opposite. Experimentation is key.”

Ultimately, I think there is room for all of our stories and a time and place for each type as long as the message means something to you.

DENILE has just released ‘This Will Never Be'. The track is a gorgeous journey through the best parts of trap. It is really a welcome change of pace for a genre that seems so set on reinventing itself each week. Since the tune is different from what is expected from a trap banger, I had to know what exactly DENILE hoped to evoke in the listener.

“The way I see it, each song has its own story to tell. With TWNB, I really wanted to incorporate a vibe of epic minimalism. A slow ride that keeps the listener intrigued throughout the same way it did for me making it. Something to slowly bump your head to, then to pump them trap arms to, and then to finally make you have that classic ‘bass face' we all carry inside of us. In essence, I wanted the listener to feel me when hearing this track.”

As you can hear above, ‘This Will Never Be' is a more episodic track than your run of the mill trap heater. DENILE focuses on the small details. Each note sounds carefully place, and the entire atmosphere of the track is subtle yet powerful. Since his style differs from the status quo, I inquired about what his thoughts are on trap producers who focus more on the drop rather than sculpting subtleties throughout.

“I sway back on forth on this topic, because it really is open to interpretation and on top of that, there are so many people I look up to to draw perspectives on. I do feel there is an abundance of people glorifying the drop and only the drop these days. But usually when I see that it works for them and their brand. It's their thing. And I respect that. More often than not, their fanbase and crowd will be a result of what they put into their music. Again, some stories/tales (take actual stories from Books for example) have a short intro/build/outro… but a HUGE message we all can agree on. While other stories that are written in 500+ pages, with extreme detail on the little things in the intro, intrigue the reader just as much if not even more. Ultimately, I think there is room for all of our stories and a time and place for each type as long as the message means something to you.”

As ‘This Will Never Be' wraps up the song dramatically changes. The orchestral drops and classic eerie builds are replaced by a short break beat section leading to the outro. This little added bonus on the tail end of the track surprised me. I was not expecting so many different styles packed into a single release. Is it worth experimenting on a track rather than going with a straight forward release? DENILE had some choice words on why he decided to add a bit of chaos in an otherwise formulaic release.

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“Over the years of making music I have taught myself to keep things more consistent and keep things in one lane rather than exploring too many lanes in one song. In the beginning of this song, it was a lot more straightforward and did not have the second half (neuro trip stuff) it does today. What brought me to include that vibe was the feeling it gave me when I wrote it. It didn't deter me from the main point of the song, instead I felt it enhanced the overall idea or journey of the song. A lot of the time I'll finish a song and once it's done decide to remix it. This usually goes on and on until I hit a remix that I like the most and doesn't deter from the main idea i originally had. It just so happened this song didn't need my remix treatment more than just once.”

After hearing just one release it was clear that DENILE would be going places in 2017. ‘This Will Never Be' is a song that will help boost DENILE into the spotlight. Since success is on the horizon, I was curious about what his overall plan was for new alias.

“My thoughts are nothing but positive. I'm extremely excited to share more and really show what DENILE is all about. I love my new name because of how real it is to me on so many different levels. One simple reason being that my real name is Nile, but beyond that it has been an idea for a very long time. And to see it come to fruition makes me nothing but proud. Some big goals of mine for this year and the year to come are to have some major label releases, to play my first festival, and to start planning a tour for 2018.”

To round off our little chat, I asked a question that I pose to many artists as I believe it gives fans an one of a kind look into a producer's mind. Writers block, or general lack of creativity is something we all struggle with at some level. It is important to remember not to have a defeatist attitude when producing. Sometimes you just need to take a step back and let the creativity come to you when it's ready. DENILE has a genius way of helping himself escape writers block.

“I do, given that this is something I used to struggle with a lot in the past. Some easy go-to's that will always be with me are emptying out all of the BS that is stowed away in my subconsciousness. A great way I do this is by writing what they call a consciousness writing. In essence you grab a paper and a pen, and you write without any hesitation or stopping from the top of the page to the bottom. Whatever comes to mind hits the page. More often than not, the true reasons that are ‘blocking' my creativity show themselves. The simple exposure of this opens the gates of creativity. That is probably my biggest way of working around it. Another big one I actually just found out about myself is to start songs the same way each time. I used to just start a song with whatever inspired me in the moment. I still do this if I am truly inspired, because those moments are very important. But when I based my life on inspiration I didn't get that much done. Not enough at least. It's when I found out to start each song the same way that I found great consistency with finishing tracks. Lastly, I recently just got a miniature poodle. Every time I'm working and get stuck is a reminder for me to take her out on a walk. Her name is PhiPhi, shout out to Aphia Rayne! Thanks for this opportunity EDM Sauce!”

We sincerely appreciate this rising star taking the time out of his busy production schedule to answer some questions for us. The future is bright for DENILE, so you should definitely follow him on Facebook and Soundcloud. You can stream and download ‘This Will Never Be' here today!

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