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Sir Matty V Slays “Lost In You” Remix

Lost In You by Quintino and Nervo is an absolutely massive tune that deserves an absolutely massive remix, and up and coming artist Sir Matty V gave us nothing less than that when putting his personal touch on the piece while still doing the original piece justice. Sir Matty V has less than 1,000 followers on Soundcloud, and thats the only thing I can't get behind after listening to all the tracks on his page.

In this remix, he put his versatility on display with this tune because it is so different from the rest of the tracks on his Soundcloud. He primarily writes progressive house, and does it all too well. But this track is in a completely different realm, developing beautifully in melodic progression and leading into a ground shaking experimental drop. It is an immaculate hybrid of future and dubstep, it is perfectly full, taking up space throughout the tune beautifully and putting on a clinic for how proper sound design can create a totally original sound.

Check out the slew of super tunes on his Soundcloud including Lost In You Remix:



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