W&W’s  trance set under the NWYR alias was one of the highlights of this years Ultra. The duo dropped a massive set of unreleased music during their ASOT performance, and until now nothing has been released beside a remix of ‘Castle On The Hill'. Well today, we got NWYR's 1st official track titled “Voltage”.

Let's get this out of the way. This song is not trance. This song is the definition of a big room festival track. When 1st debuted at Ultra, many people actually thought this was a collab with Hardwell with how it sounds. Now lets get to the track itself. It's an absolute banger. With a beautiful melodic build up into a catchy vocal chop that leads into one of the hardest big room drops I've heard in a LONG time. This song will be and should be a staple in every big room festival set this year. My ONLY issue with this track is, if you are going to call NWYR a “trance” alias, don't you think your debut track should be a trance track? This being a NWYR release instead of a W&W release surprises me, but either way its a banger. Listen below!

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NWYR - Voltage
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