Bro Safari has a treat for all bass and trap lovers today. ‘Collisions' has hit the scene and it is seven tracks of serious heat. Included tn the EP, is Bro Safari's highly anticipated collaboration with Dillon Francis, ‘XL'. It is obviously the stand out track, but is this new EP worth listening to in it's entirety?

The short answer is, yes. Definitely yes. But lets take a bit of a deeper look. This EP is a bit different from the Bro Safari we are used to. A man who is best known for his bangers has take a bit more subtle approach on some of the songs included on ‘Collisions'. The title track is reminiscent of some of RL Grime's more melodic efforts, while tracks like ‘Zoned' rely heavily on lyrics to cultivate an ambiance.

That being said while not all the songs are festival mid set heaters, the EP is still packed with vicious bass that we have come to associate with Bro Safari. ‘Reality', ‘XL', and ‘Proper' are all ready for head banging and entirely rage worthy. We have to applaud Bro Safari for thinking outside the box a bit on this one while still delivering the signature sound that we love.

Overall Rating
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