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Galantis Releases Stellar Remix Package Featuring NGHTMRE, Henry Fong and More

Galantis took a massive shift in style when the duo premiered ‘Hunter' a few weeks back. While fan reception of the original was overwhelmingly positive, we have still been incredibly excited for other artist's takes, as ‘Hunter' was asking for a rework. Today we finally have gotten an answer on what remixes would sound like, actually 4 answers. NGHTMRE & Rickyxsan, Henry Fong, Mike Williams, and Misha K all have remixes on this compilation. Misha K actually teamed up with Galantis for a VIP.

‘Hunter' Remix Package

The first remix is that of NGHTMRE's and Rickyxsan. Even if I blocked out the names on the remix credit, you would be able to recognize NGHTMRE's signature style. The duo's remix is a trap extravaganza filled with wonky synths. It is an entirely different take on the track but the blend of styles shine through creating a massive success. Next Up in Henry Fong's laid back rework. Henry has chosen to take a middle eastern style on his remix complete with wood wind interludes. It is definitely a different approach to the track, but it's placement as second on the EP is an obvious choice as it is not a stand out.

Mike Williams on the other hand delivers a fun filled remix full of energy and electro elements. The tune is reminiscent of Whippenberg's massive hit ‘Pong'. The use of staccato and electro synths is masterful. Finally Misha K and Galantis bring home the album with a very special VIP. The VIP is much more house oriented with various future elements spread throughout. ‘Hunter' was a departure for Galantis' usual style, so we are not surprised to be hearing VIPs as we anticipated there was a lot of discussion before debuting the track. Overall it is a solid remix package, but excluding NGHTMRE and Rickyxsan's remix, most of these will get lost in time.

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