We have known for quite awhile now that RL Grime has been planning a new album. He revealed that he was working on a follow up to ‘VOID' over snapchat about a year ago. Today we got official word on the name of the new album, ‘NOVA'. This is an enormous deal to put it lightly. ‘VOID' changed the way electronic music was made. It cemented trap as a legitimate genre and it's incredible influence was felt throughout the entire dance music community. It might sound like a bit much, but if you think about it, tracks like ‘Core' and ‘Scylla' are absolute masterpieces.

RL Grime Announces ‘NOVA'

RL Grime took to snapchat today to announce his new album as well as give a full statement on the endeavor. He sheds light on where his heart lied throughout the production and how his experiences shaped the final product.

While we do not have any word on when the album will be released, we know it will include 11 track total, 3 of which we have heard. EDM Tunes reported that a new single is expected to drop on Triple J next week.

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