If you're a fan of trap music you've probably already heard of the bass master that is QUIX. This man is on a roll. From touring all over the world to collaborating with some of dance music's biggest names. It's safe to say that he has made his presence known to all in the bass music scene recently.

This past Friday QUIX released an absolute whirlwind of an EP via Dim Mak Records, and I have to say every song on there is masterfully produced. Although, one song that stood out to me the most was the track ‘Lucy's Place.' Upon listening to it I honestly didn't know what to think. It had me questioning all things that had to do with music and this is something that I feel has been lacking a lot in the scene lately. Through the grimy breakdowns, to the intricate high pitched sounds of the drop, all the way down to the beautiful future breaks that really take you to another planet. This song is for sure a breath of fresh air that is undoubtedly going to be resonating throughout all music festivals this summer. Get your bass face ready and listen to it below.