When I first heard this track, I couldn't help but chuckle. Whenever I hear the words “Sleep” and “Talk” or “Walk” together, Will Ferrell and John Reilly come to mind in Step Brothers, “Yes, he sleep walks and he always puts my purse in the freezer”. Random, I know, but you’ll think the same thing every time you press play on this. That said, Paris & Simo managed to drop a far more vibrant, feel-good tune than the sound of Dale and Brennan smashing plates through windows.

The pairing of this smooth-progressive-production and the vibrant vocals of the amazing Sophie Rose have brought these Montreal natives what is destined to be a hit of Summer 17’. The duo's sophomore track of 2017 has hints of its predecessor “Keep me Close”, bringing the best of feel good vocals and production alike. Meshing a progressive undertone with a tropical/electro swing, “Sleep Talk” has sunrise in Ibiza and Mojito with a little umbrella thingy in it on the beach written all over it. Press play and add this to your post MMW playlist, the Canadians have brought a winner!

So last week, my mom asked me" what is your blogger nickname". When I responded that I didn't have one, she said "what are you a loser? At least go with Marcus or something". So here I am, as Marcus. Thanks, Mom. @moreno_marcus_