Pasquale Rotella is never satisfied with just your average party. If the EDC stages didn't already demonstrate that to you then you must have bee living under a rock for the past several years. If you have been living under a rock, Donald Trump is now president, and men are wearing rompers. Keep up though I know the world is bright and intense but we have things to discuss.

Mr. Rotella took to the gram today to debut the new art car for EDC. This thing is absolutely unreal. It is called PARLIAMENT and features a two story owl guardian, a fully stocked bar and room for several guests… obviously a full DJ booth and sound equipment as well. This is so much better than that damn fire breathing octopus that literally ignited the air. I mean I am sure he will be there still so your best bet is to hop on PARLIAMENT and go for a ride!

HOOT HOOT!! Say hello to PARLIAMENT, the newest addition to our Art Car family. I set out to build the ULTIMATE Art Car almost a year ago, and with a team of incredible people, this thing is a REALITY now! This lil' concept vid doesn't come close to doing it justice in real life, but it def gives u a nice taste! Some specs: 55 foot mobile dancefloor pimped out with 4 RGB lasers, 4 flame cannons, a massive Funktion One sound system, & a 360-degree LED “nest” that houses our 16-foot owl guardian! Oh, and a fully functioning bar for when we really need to get the party cracking. This was dreamt up and handcrafted for #EDCLV — for YOU Headliners — and I can’t wait for you all to see it in person and climb aboard as PARLIAMENT makes its maiden voyage!

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