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Feed Me’s Existential Crisis EP

Feed Me has had an existential crisis! Don’t worry, it’s not an actual one but rather an EP named Feed Me's Existential Crisis, out on mau5trap records. This comes hot off the heels of Feed Me warming up the crowd for the Deadmau5 Lots Of Shows In A Row aka Cube 2.1 tour. This also marks the first return of Feed Me to the label since the Feed Me’s Escape from Electric Mountain EP in 2012.

Existential Crisis is what you would expect from Feed Me, nothing short of amazing. The five-track EP includes another spectacular collaboration with Kill the Noise. This EP really puts Feed Me’s talents on display showcasing his impeccable sound design and mastery of percussion. Feed Me plays to his strengths, which is to say, dynamic, intricate, but also, with a current flair. Never bending to the masses Feed Me shows that he understands current trends, he just does them better.

The EP’s title track Existential Crisis starts off with light drums and synths that build up the song until the buzzing bass and hard hitting kicks crash in bringing a stronger force to the song. The synths continue to wind higher and higher until the melody takes over. The song then tapers off into thumping outro.

Starcrash is quite possibly my favorite song on the EP. A hybrid of techno and electro, Starcrash jumps right out of the gate with a fluttering bassline that meets up with industrial synths forming a well-oiled machine of a song. With a marching kick drum and a snare that resembles the air valve release of Nine Inch Nails Closer,
Starcrash punches forward towards the break. At the break notes rain down as synths build back up in a beautiful melody encapsulated in an atmospheric environment. Returning to the industrial tones the song builds up and continues to march until its end.

Shell Pet kicks off with an old school vibe combined with Feed Me’s classic synths. The song builds until the bass punches you in the face. Dizzying stabs prod your ears in glorious fashion as the song spins you around. The sound creation in Shell Pet is downright amazing and the glitch factor on this one is perfect.

Beans Baxter is the next song on the EP. It would not be a Feed Me EP without some random audio of someone talking and that is exactly how this track begins. The bass line of this one climbs up your spine as if you were a Jacobs Ladder. The bass continues to stab in and out as the song marches on. There are some really fun synths that bring in a science fiction element to the track.

Crazy Mabey ft Kill The Noise & Anjulie close out this incredible EP. This has a slower pace than you might expect from a KTN collab but I assure you this track does not disappoint. While I absolutely love Far Away and I Do Coke, the other Feed Me KTN collabs, Crazy Maybe has taken over as my favorite. It begins with an atmospheric intro mixed with Anjulie’s etheric vocals. As the bass hits, bouncing on the upbeat, the song gets sizably larger. The song builds to a crescendo then releases into a massive drop. The song has a locomotive like churn to it that has me anticipating visuals of the Feed Me Green Monster and the KTN Skull thumping along to.

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