Crankdat is know for his absolutely amazing official remixes and re-cranks of some of the most popular EDM songs in the scene and his ‘Feel Good' remix is no different. Gryffin debuted this remix at Coachella this year, as he closed both of his sets of the weekends with this tune. It has also garnered tons of support from Illenium and his fans as well.

While Crankdat is widely known for his hard bass productions, he's been taking a more melodic approach lately with his sound and feels it's more authentic and true to what he wants to capture with his music.

He has an exciting summer ahead of him with some original tunes that he can't wait to get out. Until then, he will be building up the hype for them with strong official remixes, and this ‘Feel Good' remix is a perfect start to his summer.

Check out the single below and also check out our Exclusive interview we did with Crankdat a few months back!

Crankdat Exclusive Interview

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