Matt Simmers, better known as “Woofax” is an electronic music veteran. Stirring from his deep cre- ative roots with “Terravita” and “Hot Pink Delorean” his expert writing, engineering, mixing and master- ing has lead him to land major licensing deals with FOX, MTV, CBS and Net ix to name a few.

This release comes out on famed Drummer KJ Sawka's Impossible Records and it is impossible to put your headphones down once you press play with this EP.

Woofax has worked closely with Firepower Records, The Crystal Method, Dillion Frances and Excision and is also the lead sound designer and R & D tech for the infamous PK Sound.

An architect of sound, Woo- fax’s latest EP “Capacity Frontier” brings offerings of substance and melody while staying true to bass music at its core. Infectious horns, impressive live guitar sections and massively moving baselines are sure to make your heart race and subwoofers sweat as you are pulled into a unique musical experience.

This is a must listen for any bass loving human.


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