Today is Throwback Thursday and starting from here on out we will be doing a weekly #TBT playlist! Each playlist will be completely different each week. We will be going by time frames, genres, artists, best of's, and many more different themes for this so make sure to keep checking in every Thursday!

For our 1st #TBT playlist, I decided to go way back to the early days of EDM, 1990-1995. The sound was different but the goal was the same; get everybody that was listening to get up and dance. This playlist includes songs from the likes of C & C Music Factory, Snap!, CeCe Penistion, Moby, Blackbox, Frankie Knuckles, La Bouche, Robin S, & many more!


Check out the playlist below and get ready for some crazy nostalgia! Follow our Spotify for a NEW #TBT playlist every Thursday, & our New Music Friday playlists updated EVERY FRIDAY!