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Chodegang Drops Ruffneck Remix

Ruffneck by Skrillex absolutely rocked the dubstep community upon its release back in 2011, now our favorite dubstep trio has put their own modern spin on what us bassheads would consider a classic. Barely AliveDubloadz, and Virtual Riot collectively makeup one of the most influential and versatile collaborative projects in the game right now, the legendary Chodegang.

When I first saw that Chodegang had released the Ruffneck Remix, I knew it was guaranteed to be something spectacular. The original tune holds so much sentimental value  because the majority of the EDM community will gladly admit that there was a time in which they just couldn't get enough of Skrillex. When you remix a tune of this caliber, there are very high expectations from fans when it comes to the end result, and it is safe to say that the trio went above and beyond. Chodegang paid respect to the original tune by keeping many of the stems and the overall structure very similar to the original, but thats not to say that they failed to reflect their own sound. The original Ruffneck was what us bassheads remember as “Brostep”, the insanely hype dubstep sound that completely dominated the scene back in 2010. Ruffneck Remix, on the other hand, was a disgusting combination of brostep mixed flawlessly with riddim, which seems to be the current sound of the underground, and growing more and more everyday. The wonky spin that Chodegang put on this awesome throwback is sure to have dance floors across the nation rocking this summer.

Check out Ruffneck Remix here:


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