Dancehall is a type of music that’s most popular amongst the Jamaican culture. Also called “Bashment,” it was originally described as a ‘more sparse version of reggae’ and gained its popularity in the late 1970s. This genre of music is one that we’re starting to see a rise in popularity, as well as see distinct influence in other types of music.

Houston-born DJ & producer, Ape Drums is a dancehall artist that meshes typical reggae notes with big room sounds – creating his very own unique sound. His latest song “Deva (feat. Suku)” is a true representation of just that. The manufacture of melodic electronic synth and reggae-infused drum & vocals offers the perfect representation of why he’s garnered so much attention over the last year.

Right before the launch of this single, Ape Drums announced his partnership with Silent Addy to start the record label, Vision Sound. He says the label will be heavily based on the curation of dancehall music infused with electronic production. So there’s a good chance there’s plenty more where that came from.

Download/stream the song here: