Today I’m ecstatic to deliver an exclusive new mix to your ears. The tunes were put together by the triumphant French trio, Huko, comprised of three producers named Nicolas, Hugo & Romain. Honestly I was hooked from the first track on the collection, “Blind,” the group’s energetic house tune released at the end of last year. Entrancing vocal chops and catchy melodies all highlight uplifting electronic interludes. If that weren't enough, the tune provides a tropical flavor that promises to elate you.

Some other highlights of this 34 minute mix include a heavy hitting remix of The Chainsmokers’ “Setting Fires” by Boxinbox and Lionsize. Following that, HUKO expertly keeps the energy high with Gully Goose’s upbeat remix of Jaded’s “4000hz.” The energy only increases from there with emaculate tunes from the likes of Kaytranada and Flostradamus, and the whole thing culminates in R3hab’s euphoric hit, “Everything” to end your party with a bang. In short, this mix goes hard. So grab some friends, turn your speakers up, and get ready to lose it.

HUKO has been making quite the name for themselves overseas, gaining massive traction on France’s Virgin Radio and Radio FG. Seeing as these guys are still relatively new to the scene, this success is bound to hit the world stage in no time. Hit play and definitely keep an ear out for HUKO going forward.