Not much music comes out nowadays with charity on the mind. But this week the music network “Constant Culture” did just that. Hailing from Israel, they made an EDM album/compilation to support PEACE and UNITY.

“Semee, in both Arabic and Hebrew means Semitic. This is the backbone of both the Arabic and Hebrew languages and cultures. With this album we want to show that, different as we all are, we have the same origins and somewhere along the path of time we decided to take turns in different directions. Our goal was to show that one country's problems do not have to be its own; that we can all come together in some form or another and make the world a better place – even if it doesn't affect us personally.”

All proceeds of this album will be donated to Women Wage Peace ( to help them in their mission for peace and togetherness in this divided country. Check it out below, and DONATE!