One of my favorite things about bass music legends, Slander, is that they know how to change up their releases. Once you've had your helping of party hardy dubstep filth, they hit you with blissful and emotional heaven trap, with the occasional curve-ball thrown as well. The duo's latest effort with up and coming audio wizard Basstrick is a futurist hybrid that gives listeners the best of both worlds. “Drop It” starts out heavy and mean, leading into a massive beat where the sub occupies nearly the entire sound, but before it even goes through a full measure it turns you on your head with an effortless transition into jackin' future house. The mindf@#$ happens so fast that before you know it you're already at the outro. It's a huge release for Basstrick could very well be one of the next up and coming bigshots in the dance community, and if sticks around mainstay artists like Slander, he'll be there in no time.