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Friends In Paris Share Their Musical Guilty Pleasures

With their latest record “When Your Heart Is A Stranger” still doing the rounds, we decided to get in touch with genre-switching production duo Friends In Paris to get their combined list of 5 Musical Guilty Pleasures.

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1) Adele – “Hello”


Jeroen: It’s incredible how her voice can totally dominate a production. The drums are so roomy and far back in the mix until the very end of the song, and the climax is entirely due to the strength and timelessness of Adele’s voice. It’s cheesy as fuck and genius at the same time, both in songwriting and the choices made in the production. 

2) Rihanna – “Umbrella”

Kris: It’s a fine line really. What’s a guilty pleasure to some is just good music to another. This song totally gets under my skin! Goosebumps when that chorus kicks in with the fuzzy bass and her voice! I’m guilty as charged… I confess to dancing round the house to this when no one's home. Super catchy and sort of haunting in a way…but you can guarantee I turn down the volume if I get caught at the lights, listening in the car. 

3) Mr. Big – “To Be With You”

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Kris: Erm well let’s face it…. it’s an absolute epic masterpiece of a pop song! Complete with a key change on the final chorus (several actually) delivered by classic crooning rock perms with fringes – what's not to love? Seriously, you’re clapping along, aren’t you? Just hold your hands in the air and sway…YEAH! 

4) Mark Morrison – “Return Of The Mack”

Jeroen: The favourite song of our nightlife gang in London. Every time we were in a bar warming up for the rest of the night, we’d request this song to the local DJ.  

5) Drake – “Hotline Bling” 

Jeroen: I don't know if this song qualifies as a guilty pleasure, but it’s actually pretty cult. It’s absolutely great and has slick production; clever use of an old sample, with a timeless tale: girl moving on. I love acting out the lyrics with my girlfriend 🙂 




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