This past weekend, trap master graves released his first EP release titled “Hilo”. While the producer Christian Mochizuki got his start writing for Kanye West and Beyonce, he has amassed a huge following within the past year around his gritty and fun fusion of rap and future-bass.

The 6-track EP is massive for it's size, and showcases the musicality and flexibility that graves holds as a producer. The opening track “Genesis” (Justice, anyone?) is huge and spooky, transitioning easily into the trap banger “Meta” featuring smooth Vancover rapper bbno$. The most notable highlight of the EP, however, is the final track. Featuring Boombox Cartel, Hilo is a future-bass success, and is arguably the pinnacle of graves' sound.

Not much is known about the man behind the music, other than a few intentionally blurry press photos. The music speaks for itself, and I hope that graves has a lot more up his sleeve in the future. Take a listen: