Yes you heard that right, the incredible fans over at Reddit have discovered a track list for what is believed to be the deluxe release of ‘Humanz'. The deluxe version is not going to be a few additional add on's like extended edits or remixes, no this version will hopefully feature over 14 new, entirely unheard songs by the Gorillaz and their collaborators.

Damon Albarn, the founder of the super group, let slip in an interview on BBC Radio 1 that he had 40 unreleased tracks ready to go from Gorillaz. Today we have learned that he in fact was not bluffing. From the Gorillaz subreddit comes a track list for what is suspected to be the super deluxe version of ‘Humanz', check it out below.

While this track list remains unconfirmed, the sources which provided this has been pretty much spot on so far. We can only keep our fingers crossed.

Source: EDM Chicago