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Fans Seen Camping Out Hours Before Bassnectar’s Set at Middlelands 2017

Even though Bassnectar wasn't scheduled for his set until 10:50pm PST at Middlelands, fans were seen camping at the rail as early as 3pm PST on Saturday.

Throughout Bassnectar's DJ career, his “railrider” fans have been given a bad rap time after time. Many people have taken to the Bassnectar sub-reddit to voice their opinions on railriders. One fan said “People wasting their entire day to get the worst spot at a Bassnectar show,” while another said “I feel like I'm the only one that enjoys being in the back more than fighting for the rail/getting close to the front. Sooo much more room to get down.”

In the past, Bassnectar's railriding fans have caused some disturbances to the festival crowd. In the video below, you'll see fans fighting over the rail. (Video not from Middlelands).

In 2016, Bassnectar asked fans to not camp out and ride the rails. However, his fans still do it.

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