In the past several years EDM has expanded in two very distinct and different ways. Dance Music has extended it's reach into the pop scene with the hottest EDM acts now being regularly played on top 40 radio stations, and experimentation being of utmost importance creating an equally popular underground scene of pioneers finding the next big sound. This creates the ideal environment for new artist to both create something with mass appeal and create an all new sound at the same time. This is where artists like Lévie have began revolutionizing the indie scene, allowing them to hit markets that before were cut off to up and coming artists.

Lévie is a singer/songwriter based out of Orlando, Florida with a very interesting and unique sound. His music is both modern and edgy, but channels this synth pop sound that is reminiscent of indie dance pop, yet all so familiar from the sounds of 80s pop music. His newest tune “Trouble” tells a bitter story of teenage romance that i'm sure all of us can relate to in some way. His soaring vocals filled with emotion are of course accompanied by the nostalgic instrumental sound he has developed as his core style.

Be on the look out for Lévie to make his way into you playlist as this artist won't stay under 2500 for long as he continues to perfect his timeless sound. For now check out “Trouble” below and get ready for a trip down memory lane.