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Vintage & Morelli : Exclusive Mix & Interview [The Recipe Volume 005]

Marko Cubric, known to the world as Vintage & Morelli, is Serbia’s leading house, progressive, and trance producer. He has been generously championed in recent years by a variety of leading international DJs, including Above & Beyond, who have cited Vintage & Morelli as one of their favorite current artists. In recent years, he has released dozens of tracks on Silk Music, including his debut artist album “My Rose Enchanted Destiny”; in the same span, he has contributed various singles and remixes to Anjunabeats, including the hit single “Contrasts.” He has another solo album on the way under the Silk Music label and has a few remixes coming up as well.

Check out our exclusive interview & mix by Vintage & Morelli.


Where did the name Vintage & Morelli come from?

Ah, the most common question hah. Funny enough, I don't really have any cool, awesome story behind it. Whilst growing up to the awesome dance music of the '90s., I always dreamed of becoming a duo, due to many of my personal favorite artists of the time like Gabriel & Dresden, Agnelli & Nelson, Voodoo & Serano etc, were actually a duo, thus the idea came to mind. I believe I just randomly picked the words, and the name started to stick.

Who were a few of your musical inspirations and who are a few people musically who inspire you now?

Hmm, I would have to mention Enigma, Deep Forest, Secret Garden, and in a more electronic dance-oriented genre I'd say ATB, Riva & Agnelli & Nelson to name a few. I don't really have any current musical inspirations, because i don't really listen to new music that much.

Your new song Awaken w/ vocals by Arielle Maren is one of my favorite songs of the moment. A song with vocals that strong, how difficult/easy was it to build around?

Happy to hear that 🙂 It was very hard with this one actually, due to the very powerful and meaningful lyrics. I really wanted to create a musical composition that can paint the picture and the true meaning behind the lyrics, and not lack the power that it deserves. Wake up little dreamer, It's up to YOU to change the world! Meaning we all have to take responsibility for our actions.

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Do you prefer making songs with vocals or without vocals?

Depends on the vocals 🙂 As Silk Music's motto goes, “We believe in music that illustrates our feelings better than words”. I love instrumental music rather than vocal because you can really get creative with it. But if the vocals/lyrics are beautiful, inspiration comes by itself.

What is your thought on the current state of EDM with what seems to be everyone releasing some type of bass track?

As Chris Lawrence said: “Commercial EDM has grown like an aggressive weed sucking the life out of dance music and encouraging an unsustainable culture of greed”. It's all about the money these days, “producers” are becoming lazy, copying what's popular at the given moment, making tons of cash basically poisoning people, but it's people's choice, apparently. True values are long lost, but there's still a glimpse of hope, I'm sure it's only a wave of really REALLY bad music, and that the good sounds will reclaim the throne.

What does the future hold for Vintage & Morelli artist wise?

Big things I hope hah 🙂 I'm currently working on my second artist album on Silk Music, and I'll be doing lots of gigs hopefully, make good music. One of my ultimate dreams is to make music for movies and video games, so we'll see if that takes off eventually.

Let's go off topic here.

Your Twitter bio says you love dogs and video games, 2 of my favorite things as well. Favorite dog? Favorite video-game of all time?

My favorite dog is my one and only, Teo 🙂 Regarding the games, there are so many, but I'd say Skyrim is definitely my favorite, although I've been playing Battlefield 4 for a couple of years now, almost every day, it's like my daily routine.

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Favorite home-cooked meal?

Serbian “Sarma”.

Favorite junk food?

Guilty as charged. Pizza!

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