Shanti Planti is an ambient and glitch music label known for their fusion of ancient eastern rhythms and modern glitchy bass. If you're confused on exactly what kind of music we're talking about here, bigger artists of this ambient and or psybient genre include Ott and Shpongle.

Shanti Planti recently premiered an EP by Canadian local Chris Komus; Sickly Fingers. Komus defines his music under the psydub, psybient, glitch hop, brokenbeats, and world bass genres. The featured single from the track, is an eight minute trip hop journey titled; Squirrelly Eyes. 

The track is astonishing as it features a plethora of different sound patterns and genre defining elements. The eastern elements of this song are present with the sitar sounding melody line that is present throughout the entire track. The melody is eerie and ominous in a beautifully mastered way. Komus then introduces a more modern sounding brass line which eventually leads to a glitchy electro sound. The track, in its entirety, is peaceful and flows perfectly due to the precise mastering. Even if ambient music isn't you're genre of choice, Komus produces a beautiful sound that will leave you wondering when those eight minutes just flew by.

Like what you hear? Check out Chris Komus' soundcloud here.

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