What happens when a 19-year-old Canadian collabs with the grooviest Slovenian producer in the game? The most magical remix we’ve ever heard.

We’re of course referring to Gramatik & Ramzoid’s unique take on Flume’s “Wall Fuck.” Though this track didn’t make it on the official Skin remix LP, it’s easily the one of the greatest Fume remixes out there.

The joint effort between these two makes for a sexy, futuristic take on Fume’s experimental track. The hypnotic intro is filled with a wide variety of percussion and met with a tight, glitchy bassline. Immediately upon the drop, Gramatik’s funk-inspired sound is revealed through a gorgeous guitar riff.

This track is smooth, soulful and powerful. The two stayed true to Flume's experimental sounds while gorgeously intertwining their own style.

Check out the track here.

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