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Bassnectar Releases His Noisia Remix

Bassnectar once again doesn't disappoint us as he fulfills his promises with releasing multiple quality songs within the first couple months of 2017. We are extremely excited about this Bassnectar song as Get Deaded by drum and bass legends, Noisia, gets remixed by the Timestretch artist and gets turned into one of his signature throw down songs. Get Deaded is already a masterpiece which was praised by drum and bass lovers. But when Bassnectar mentioned about remixing it, our pupils got bigger and our hearts skipped a beat.

Compared to Bassnectar's recent remix for Front to Back, there was backlash about how he might have not met expectations that the remix had in store. But for the Get Deaded remix, there are substantial and noticeably different changes from the original song that Bassnectar worked hard to create. In this remix, Bassnectar smoothens out the edges and creates a more flowing tune that he could transition easier throughout his sets.

This bass music legend has a gnarly way of morphing an original track into a remix that makes you can't help but bob your head to. Bassnectar continues to amaze all of his fans and will continue to put out high quality music for those that support him. Hearing the names Noisia and Bassnectar mentioned in the same song had everyone drooling over their screens awaiting the moment they could click play on this beast which has finally become a reality.

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