It's no secret that the Millennial generation is a tough consumer market demographic. While most argue the primary reason is because we're all flat broke and work minimum wage jobs, many experts have noticed the trend that we spend our money on ‘experiences' rather than items.

This may seem obvious to most of you readers who go to a music festival once a year….or two times…..or twenty, but for a puzzled marketing strategist this can be a difficult task to overcome when attempting to bring your product into the younger generation. However, one brilliant mind over at Pedialyte has cracked the mother of all advertising Da Vinci codes!

That's right, they're using festival season to sell their product! What else could possibly get you plur babies to invest in a major corporation (besides the ones that organize your festivals) then to use your own Instagram posts against you as free advertising! It's genius! Genius I tell you! Check out the hilarious ad below, and comment what companies you think will follow suit! All I know is I'm on the way to the store to buy a life time's supply of Pedialyte right this second….


Carter Rowland
Hey there! my name is Carter Rowland, a 20 year old from Houston, Texas that's moved to California in the name of music. While I'm following my dreams and attending Icon Collective, I also take time to write things about my inspirations in the industry. If you enjoy all forms of electronic music lets be friends!
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