The Chainsmokers have been a force to reckon with for the couple of years. The duo has been dominating the radio airwaves, the charts and dance music festivals. On April 7th, The Chainsmokers finally released their first full-length album “Memories…Do Not Open.”

The Chainsmokers seem to have broken into mainstream pop with their “pop-drop” style of music. “Pop-Drop” is often referred to the technique that takes elements from hip-hop, electronic music and the chorus in pop music.

Even though fans around the world are praising The Chainsmokers debut album, there are many critics of the duos debut album.

“Drew really needs to stop singing” says one Reddit user while another says “Break up Every Night is so bad.”

Despite the criticism from some haters and blogs, The Chainsmokers have received mostly positive reviews from fans.

What's your thoughts on the album so far?